Since I was a teenager, I’ve been driven to tell the story of life as we live it through images. My work strives to present a visual narrative, and I consider it a gift of love and deep meaning for the people I work with. This sentiment motivates all of my work. I approach each job as a chance to view a uniquely precious story and capture it in a way that recalls the beauty and magic of the moment.

From the big island of Hawaii to the heart of Paris, I have spent ten years as a professional photographer - keeping my eyes and heart trained on the art of recognizing and conveying compelling moments. My work appears in the summer 2003 and winter 2001 issues of Elegant Bride, as well as the Bay Area publication Paper City. I have exhibited at Canessa gallery and "Build" in San Francisco, and recently completed a short documentary film in an effort to further investigate the potential of visual media.

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